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June 18 2012


Emotional Freedom Techniques

I looked straight ahead, looking but never really seeing. A lot of buzzing sounds in doing my head, making me nauseous, numerous items to take into consideration, so much bitterness and suffering that envelops my heart making my body system have the paralysis of pain. I'm that I am in the part of my entire life that all I wish to do is always to let go of the life span I had been given. I cannot bear to endure another minute of living in the world filled with insufferable agony; it appears there's no reason for fighting and striving to survive. I'm still young then there is life ahead of me, so they really say, however i feel a lot of years over the age of I'm, Personally i think the load of the world in my shoulders.


I sat motionless on that busy street all day, tears streaking down my sun burned cheeks, I tried to wipe it away, but my arms were glued inside my side, I could not lift a finger, I had been numb. I wasn't mindful of the folks that kept watching me, I had been in a trance.

Have you been because same situation when i was? We may have the identical tribulations or yours might be entirely diverse from mine, but the point is, have you ever? What do you caused by become your identiity today and survive the contests of the material world?

At that time within my life, away from nowhere, a friend showed up in my experience and asked me if she could sit beside me. I mumbled inaudibly. She then started tapping me, then song of my face; I began to feel something stir inside me.

My buddy unveiled in me the healing powers of emotional freedom technique, EFT. From then on, I have been totally hooked on learning more and more about this emotional freedom technique. This has opened new doors to my existence; a brand new hope filled playing.

I have to share it together with you and everybody else.

Emotional Freedom technique involves managing your negative emotions and is also called the "tapping therapy". That has been why the friend was tapping on points of my body as well as in order release a the negative emotions which have been haunting me.

EFT is straightforward to memorize, while doing it, I truly felt that my worries were being set free. It's like an emotional acupressure that utilizes tapping to stimulate blueprint in your body, releasing a certain condition or all negativity.

The founder of Emotional freedom technique way is Gary Craig, that is neither a psychologist nor a therapist, but rather a minister as well as an engineering graduate.

EFT's purpose is to unblock the power flow that's been caused by previous emotions, consequences of the past that are presently blocked due to the negative emotions we harbor. EFT heals not just emotional problems but in addition physical pains. Our emotional troubles might be brought on by depression (as was my case), fears, phobia, fatigue, anxiety and stress. Emotional Freedom technique can also be helpful for people who want to shed weight.

Emotional Freedom Technique also integrates with all the Law of Attraction because it helps us eradicate the negative vibes that are hindering us to achieve success or become happier persons. To expect balance and harmony and the effects may cause imbalance minimizing our natural wellness.

It's very effective to know words of affirmation while the tapping method relieves the stress and rejuvenates the emotional strains. There are many benefits with this system. It really is practical, it is possible by yourself, it does not hurt, it's free and will boost personal performance like, weight-loss, business goals, cancer, migraine, pain management, hypertension, behavior of youngsters, sports achievement, and anger and relationship issues. There are many things that can usually be treated through Emotional Freedom technique.

Being a skeptic isn't bad, but since the clich? goes, there is no harm in trying, specially when you are in demand for emotional freedom. Remember, it is YOU who are able to help YOURSELF, similar to the way I helped myself from the lowest reason for my entire life. Let your electromagnetic system flow freely to become a happier and contented person ready to accept the contests of life.


You can use emotional freedom technique even for giving you better finances. Many traders in real estate markets have realized EFT to be the final breakthrough to success after struggling and mastering the intellectual and technical aspects of trading. When you have experienced any challenges in trading such as the concern with entering a trade and accepting the danger, try tapping on that issue and you will be surprised about the final results.

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